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Kristin Noel Crawley is best known for her brand KNC Beauty and their cult favourite starry eye masks and nourishing lip masks and balms.  What started as a single, selfie-worthy lip mask, has since grown in to an amazing skin care brand.  Not only is Kristin a beauty mogul, she is also an influencer and has recently used her influence to inspire a new generation and created the KNC School of Beauty.  She hopes that by providing free tuition and the tools to encourage aspiring black female entrepreneurs to lead them on their paths to success and navigate the beauty industry and grow their businesses.

Elle and Kristin met years ago through Jen Atkin on the set of a OUAI Campaign shot in LA and it was post that encounter, that ELLE EFFECT was born.  Here we profile Kristin as the ultimate Boss Babe.


Where did the idea of KNC Beauty come from?

I visited Tokyo a few years back and fell in love with traditional Japanese lip masks. I thought the trend was so unique and playful, and I wanted to put my own spin on it. It was my first product, and I’ve just expanded from there.
What is the most memorable moment since launching KNC?

I’m so excited that my Star Eye Mask was just crowned “Best Eye Mask” by Allure Magazine as part of their Best in Beauty Awards 2020. It’s something I’ve always dreamed of, and I’m so honoured to be included.
You have a cult celebrity following for KNC beauty, how did that come about?

I think the products are just really photogenic and folks have been so great to support since Day 1, showing my masks off for the world to see. They’re the right amount of cute that everyone can love, and I’ve been so lucky that people have continued to share & support my brand.
Recently you launched a virtual beauty school for Black owned businesses and entrepreneurs, can you tell us about that?

I personally created the KNC School of Beauty because I wanted to use my influence to help encourage aspiring black female entrepreneurs on their paths to success. I think It’s more important now than ever to support black-owned businesses and to contribute to the multigenerational wealth and success of black families.

You are a highly successful businesswoman and entrepreneur; how do you balance with being a mum?

It’s definitely tough, but I think it’s all about creating divisions in life where when you’re working the focus is there, but when it’s family time, the attention switches. You have to be able to set the email aside and put the phone down because family is always going to come first. Especially during these trying times, I’ve seen how important it is to cherish your time with your kids and make sure they’re flourishing as much as possible.
Any advice for people who want to turn their idea or side hustle into a full-time business?

Use your connections and don’t be afraid to promote yourself as you step into the space of running your own business. You have to know your worth in every room you enter and always be willing to humble yourself when the time comes.
What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt along the way?

To just keep pushing forward. There have been so many moments where I’ve wanted to throw in the towel, and if I had, I would have never seen some of the amazing success I’ve had as of recent. I feel like finally the hard work I’ve put in for years is really starting to pay off.
What does your day-to-day look like?

I usually start my day off with coffee & juice as well as a nice egg breakfast to get my energy up. I’ll make sure the boys are set for their day of at-home schooling then I’ll get started in on my own work. I generally have to balance a lot between my responsibilities as a mom as well as my commitments to my business and personal brand.
The modern world is a busy one! What is your version of self-care?

My favourite thing is to run a hot bath, drop a big spoonful of Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Honey Bath in then grab a glass of Malbec to accompany a good, silly comedy on Netflix.
What three things would we always find in your beauty bag?

KNC Beauty’s Supa Balm in OG Rose, a bottle of Black Girl Sunscreen, and a fishtail comb.
If you could have any five women sitting around a dinner table with you, who would they be and why?

Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, Michelle Obama, The Virgin Mary, Harriet Tubman
What's the last song you listened to?

Charleville 9200 Part 2 by Snoh Aalegra
Parting words of advice for being a #bossbabe in work and life?

Just Do It. It’s really as simple as that. If you’re willing to work hard, put your head down and make it happen for yourself.