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Lisa Caldwell is the Boss Babe behind the luxury resale platform, Pre-Loved Closet.  Around 18 months ago, Lisa saw a gap in the market for an easy way to re-sell designer items via Instagram, with a carefully curated edit.  All listings are made on Instagram Stories, which disappear after 24 hours.  It’s a first-in, best-dressed system, and the FOMO factor helps her to clear entire wardrobes in a single night.  She has been known to move a $15k Hermès Birkin within a few hours and can clear a wardrobe with the click of an upload – the time that an Instagram story is live.
Lisa’s clientele is fashion conscious consumers and she has fast become the go-to for the Fashion Elite to clear their luxury items.  Once upon a time, second-hand clothes came with a bit of a stigma, whereas now, everyone can feel good about it.  It’s good financially and it’s good for the environment.

This week, Lisa has been featuring Elle’s Wardrobe as her edit and we are thrilled to have her on Boss Babes.

Where did the idea for Pre-Loved Closet come from? The idea for PLC came off the back of trying to sell my own pre-loved items via different platforms and finding that it wasn’t an easy process and was overly complicated for the seller.  I was also increasingly becoming aware of the impact that the fashion industry has on the environment and I was wanting to minimise my impact (where possible). As I am getting older, I am becoming more conscious of my purchases and living more sustainably, by purchasing more pre-loved items.

I couldn’t find a platform that was doing the re-sell of clothes to how I would do it, so I decided to create my own, using Instagram as my platform.  I started selling my clothes, and then my friends starting asking me if I would sell their clothes for them, and gradually through word of mouth, my business started to build.  At the same time, my Instagram community was also building and they were contacting me about more sales, so I knew the appetite for a fashionable re-sale platform was there.  

When did you realise you could turn Pre-Loved Closet from a side-hustle into your full-time business? PLC started as a side hustle around 18 months ago & it probably wasn’t until it was around October/November, leading into the festive season, that I realised the potential.  It was when PLC was around 12 months old that I knew I could make this business work.

What advice would you give someone starting out and creating a business? My advice would be to surround yourself with a team of “advisors”, whether that’s friends or family who are experts in their field.  Ask questions & listen to the advice that people give you. I have been really fortunate that I have had some great people around me who have been generous with their advice or been a sounding board when I need it. As a result, I have a great group of mentors that I can call on when I need to.  

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt along the way? I have learnt that things will go wrong but it’s how you learn from your mistakes and pick yourself up to keep going, which is what can make or break you.

What is the most rewarding part of PLC? I love the freedom and flexibility of running my own business and creating and building an empire, on my terms.  I also love the fact that my business is something I feel passionate about – I like to invest in timeless fashion and I also love the fact that I am contributing to people being more mindful of their purchases and that these fashion items can have a second life.

What does your day-to-day look like? My day varies almost every day. I usually wake-up between 6:00 am & 6.30 am and either go for a walk or I take a boxing class at Undercard with a friend or do Pilates.  I like to start the day with some sort of exercise – it sets me up for the day ahead. Then the day generally consists of either preparing for the sale that week, so it’s organising the product, shooting it for social media, and then having it ready to upload for the sale – Sales are generally on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights.  Then in between that, I am meeting with potential new clients, reviewing stock and creating edits, and generally planning ahead as to what the next few weeks will look like.

The modern world is a busy one! What is your version of self-care? Saturday night at home with a bowl of home-made pasta, a movie & my fiancé.  I also love getting regular facials at All Saints as well as regular massages.  I’ve also been treating myself each week to a blow-dry at Koda in Bondi – if I’m going to be working all weekend, then I need to have good hair!

What three things would we always find in your beauty bag? 

Mecca lip balm.

Rational Immunologist Serum. 

SK11 Essence.

If you could have any five women sitting around a dinner table with you, who would they be and why?

  • Brooke (my sister) – She lives in the US and is my biggest supporter. Our dinner dates are always filled with more laughter then rose.
  • Victoria Beckham- In my eyes, she is the definition of having it all. Family, business & is an ex-Spice Girl. 
  • Monica Rose (Stylist/Mother)- I have always loved her as a stylist but as I am getting older and thinking about having kids, I have a new appreciation for how mums juggle their career and raise their children.
  • Sarah Blakely (Founder of Spanx)- I recently listened to a podcast with her and how she founded Spanx & am in awe of her business mind. 
  • Hailey Bieber- So we could discuss Justin…obviously!


What's the last song you listened to? Any song from Taylor’s new album. It has been on repeat whilst I have been preparing and selling Elle’s wardrobe this past week.

Parting words of advice for being a #bossbabe in work and life? What you put in is what you get out. Keep your head down, stay in your lane, work hard & it will pay off.