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Mother of three and co-founder of much loved Australian fashion brand Maurie & Eve, Kelly Davies-Green is one of the most down to earth, radiant and beautiful humans you will ever meet. Committed to a more sustainable future, Kel has made it her mission to learn, connect and grow - within her family, her community and her business. 

If you follow her personally on Instagram, it’s likely you will feel a sense of calm,  just as we do. And if you’ve been a fan of Maurie & Eve since inception, you would have noticed a significant change in the brand’s direction this past year.

We feel so privileged to have Kel here for our next instalment of Elle Effect’s Boss Babes. We chat about the change in her business, things she’s learnt along the way, and which five women she would love to have around a dinner table with her.

Maurie and Eve has transformed radically in the last 12 months. From being stocked nationally and having your 'party dresses' adorn most women in Australia to stocking exclusively online and forging a signature for natural fibres, sustainable packaging and donating 1% to the Planet, what inspired the change?  

I have always felt a connection to the world in which we live. I feel most confident when my feet are on the ground (in every sense) and I’m giving back to the people and planet around me. As a mother this connection is stronger than ever, and it was as I watched a documentary with my children around fashion’s destruction on the planet, that I realised it was time to step up. As a business and a human, it was time to do more.

And so I made it my mission to become a student to sustainability, to learn, connect and grow towards complete carbon neutrality. I now understand sustainability isn’t just about organic fabrications, it’s about creating value in the world, and this includes designing garments that can be worn over and over again. The Maurie + Eve mission has undoubtedly evolved over the years, however its sentiment has never been stronger: To work at the intersection of style and sustainability with a genuine vision to transform the way fashion is produced, consumed, worn and valued.

It's been 15 years since you launched M + E, what are the biggest lessons in business that you've learnt along the way?

I’ve learnt the importance of building a team you can trust. To set healthy boundaries, stick to them and play to your strengths. A supportive partner is the most valuable commodity of all. We’re not saving lives, we're creating clothes - laugh at yourself, it feels good for everyone in the room. The tasks won’t stop - prioritise and don’t lose sight. Your accounts team are equally important to your creative team. An artist’s capacity to evolve preserves their success - reinvention is key. Always trust your gut, it’s delivered your greatest achievements to date. Be patient, it’s easier than they say, but it will save you stress and the onset of fine lines. Scale slowly. Make people responsible, delegate, but always maintain an understanding of all areas of the business. Listen to your customer - the good and the bad - it’s all invaluable.

As well as M+E, you're mum to three beautiful humans - we imagine spare time is not something you have a lot of. What does self-care mean for you and how do you prioritise it?

Yes! My Green gang will always come first. Jez and I have been married for 12 years and feel blessed to have three beautiful children - 11yrs, 8yrs and 4yrs … so it’s a juggle! We make it work and are lucky to have supportive family nearby. When it comes to self-care, nature is the nurturer of my heart and soul. Last year I began my Vedic meditation journey and further immersed myself into yoga. A run with my dog and ocean swim resets my place in the world, bringing peace and content. A MISS FRANC facial and long hot bath with a glass of red … bliss.

If you could have any five women sitting around a dinner table with you, who would they be and why?

My beautiful Mum 

My husband’s Mum who passed away when he was 21 

My deceased Grandmothers Evelyn and Connie 

My deceased Great Grandmother 

Sitting together discussing life, love and all that’s in between. 

Elle Effect as you know, creates the feeling of summer all year round. It's obviously our favourite time of the year - what does summer mean for you?

Watching our children fall in love with nature. Surfing, sitting - travelling nowhere. The earth connected to the soles of my feet. The sweet taste of watermelon, mango and summer’s fellow fruits. Salty skin. The energy of the sun. Long days and greater potential.

What three things would we always find in your beauty bag? 

Synergie Uber zinc

Rhonda Alison C-Stem Cell 

Ayu Perfume - White Oudh 

Elle Effect Self-Tanning Mousse - for a safe sun kissed look 

Weleda Skin food 

Ouai leave in conditioner 

What's the last song you listened to?

Wild World Yusuf/ Cat Stevens 

Parting words of advice for being a #bossbabe in work and in life?

Be authentic, it's your greatest strength. Kindness is free and makes all the difference. Find your passion, its energy never sleeps. Tread lightly. Magic happens when likeminded people combine powers. It doesn’t matter how slowly you go sometimes, as long as you do not stop (thanks Confucius). Keep moving forward. Patience is an art - it takes time and effort. Strive for constant improvement, not perfection, perfection is boring, character catches the heart.




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