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Mademoiselle Rochas Couture Perfume

Being the founder and creator of a beauty company, I’m often asked about my own routine—especially my likes and dislikes. And while I am a lover of all types of beauty products, I do have a special affinity for fragrance (which is partly why I chose to scent Elle Effect Tan with the gorgeous smell of roses). I find playing around with different perfumes to be quite fun. In many ways, they’re like a fashion accessory, adding a beautiful finishing touch to whatever outfit I happen to be wearing. It’s amazing how just by adding a spritz of something luxurious, you can elevate the most basic of ensembles—even jeans and a t-shirt. This new fragrance launch, Mademoiselle Rochas Couture, is my current go-to for every day. A romantic floral based on notes like juicy pear, heady orange blossom, earthy sandalwood and creamy musk, it’s sweet but still quite sophisticated. Even the bottle is charming, made from bright hot pink glass and finished off with a chic black bow! It definitely falls into the eye candy category, and is taking pride of place on my vanity at the moment. I’ve picked up a few tips for long-lasting application over the years so try these out if you find your perfume fades faster than you’d like. First, if you can, layer your scent. If your favourite fragrance comes in a matching body lotion or oil, wear them both together to help it really last. If it doesn’t, that’s OK too—it’s also fun to experiment with other body products that have similar fragrance notes. (You might just come up with your perfect unique-to-you signature scent that way!) Where you mist on your perfume can also make a difference to how long it sticks around. Because fragrance rises, misting a little behind your knees allows your body heat to diffuse it over time. It will also trail behind you as you move through your day, leaving a little behind wherever you go. How special is that?




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