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We’re big believers that beauty goes beyond the surface; it’s synonymous with confidence, self-love how you feel on the inside. Tell us, when do you feel most beautiful?

I feel most beautiful when I have taken them time to really treat myself to a full body dose of self love. When I have found the time to do some exercise, eat nutritious meals, taken some time to slow down and breathe, and practised some gratitude. As a mother and business owner it is hard to get caught up in the whirlwind of life and to forget about your own wants and needs but you cant fill up other cups for other people in your life if your cup is empty. 

You spent your prior years as an in-demand model, can you tell us how your beauty routine has changed since then? What was important to you then and what is important to you now?

My modelling days were when I was quite a bit younger, I have definitely shifted my perspective and now know the difference between quick fixes and on going health changes. It was important to look good on the surface to me then, but I was a lot more reckless and just getting through the week, I definitely did not eat as well or get enough sleep which are two things that are so important to me now. I was also so lucky that I had good skin when I was younger without taking any sort of care with it, and my beauty routine was very lazy but now I know how important it is to buy good quality products that not only look after your skin but make you feel confident too. 

What is it about self-tan that you love and where does it fit into your routine?

I have only just discovered self-tan as I am a naturally darker skin type, it never really occurred to me to even use these sorts of products, but I love the natural glow they give your skin. Not necessarily darkening my tone, but giving me a smoothers brighter appearance. It gives me skin a little more glam and makes me feel more confident which really is the key.

Body confidence is a constantly evolving journey that requires self-love and care. What has your personal journey been like and what is your advice for anyone who’s struggling with it?

Comparison is the biggest thief. It really is hard with social media to stop comparing yourself to others, but we have to remember that it is a filtered platform and not all is what it seems. Self loves comes from the inside and if you treat yourself and your body nicely then it really doesn’t matter what anyone else looks like or what anyone thinks. Confidence is beauty and when you learn to love yourself with your flaws then theres no stopping you.

As a busy mother of two, a wife and business owner what are your non-negotiable beauty rituals that you will always find time for?

I’ve found a love for reformer pilates. if you can find something that you truely enjoy that can also strengthen you and make you feel amazing then that is the key. It has become the time I get for myself and is not only good for my body but also for my mind. I have also invested in some really great beauty products. I have less time to sit down and have a long involved beauty ritual so I think quality over quantity is important for me. 

How do you keep your skin hydrated and healthy during the cooler months?

It is so hard to remember to drink plenty of water in the cooler months so I make sure I always have a drink bottle near by the remind me to keep up those hydration levels, also hot cups of tea are good ways to add some more water into your diet. Because my body is used to being covered in layers, I love to find time for a good scrub to remove those dead skin cells and then follow it with a thick moisturiser or a layer or Elle Effect to make my skin feel hydrated and smooth.

Thanks to the beauty industry and emerging brands, we’re well-educated on the impact that the sun has on our skin (something we would have ignored in our teen years!). Mimicking a summer glow is easily achieved with EE, but what are the other beauty essentials you use to protect your skin from the sun?

I live in hats in summer. It is safe to say I have a little hat obsession and a nice big brim never goes astray. I also make sure that not only in summer but all year round I wear a sunscreen on my face and neck even on the days that aren’t so bright and shiny. I have a Ulta Voilet queen screen that I am obsessed with and I wear it every day.

Who are your biggest muses?

Its very clichè but my muse is my mother. She was the purest of souls. I have never met anyone so understanding of anyone she ever met, so loving and so selfless. She lit up a room as soon as she walked into it she really was one of a kind.